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Looking for a CNC machine?

If you're brand new to CNC you likely have a lot of questions. If you like doing some research first, we've compiled this list of useful links to get you learning quickly.

Need something custom?

We can supply any size and length profile rails or ball screws to your exact requirements. Please send us a detailed list of the parts you require and we can send you a quick and easy quote.

2 x 1347mm HGR35
4 x HGH35CA
1 x 1470mm SFU2510 + Ballnut + BK/BF set + Nut housing

International Shipping

We offer worldwide shipping of our products, If you are interested in any of our products and can't seem to choose your shipping country, please message us your physical address and country so that we can confirm and add shipping to your region.


CNC Router

Parts and components for timber and alloy CNC machines and tables.

3D Printing

We stock a range of 3D printing parts and accessories.

Laser Engraver

We stock a range of lasers and laser safety equipment.

CNC Industry Parts

Stocking parts for a variety of industries including quilting, pick and place, etc.

Plasma Cutter Machine

We supply plasma consumables, straight torch replacements and parts.

CNC Motion Controll

Our goal is to supply motion control systems and parts for any application.


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