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R&D Fridays - Adding support for grblHAL in Commander

Hey everyone!

Get ready for a super exciting R&D Fridays episode! We're diving into the awesome world of integrating our epic, free CNC3D Commander software with the powerful grblHAL CNC controllers.

We're making great progress, and soon you'll be able to unleash the full potential of grblHAL features, making it a breeze to configure, set up, and run your grblHAL-based controller.

Our talented electronic engineer designed a board over a weekend, and after taking a good look, we're excited to say grblHAL looks like a great, expandable CNC control system. Plus, it seems quite easy to customize and configure with its plugin-based approach, offering cool features like Ethernet, Wi-Fi, tool changing, and maybe even plasma THC!

We're even thinking about creating our very own spin on the hardware. So, what do you think? Would you love to see a CNC3D-designed and optimized grblHAL controller? Drop your thoughts in the comments!

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