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Design, build and create Safely

Due to a recent photo submission of a customers SharpCNC setup that was done by a professional sparky (Apparently). We have designed a Power supply cover for our power supplies supplied with our kits. We will be shipping these covers out with every new SharpCNC order.

**Please note** The 240v wiring still requires installation by a licensed and competent electrician.

Under AES laws it is illegal to have an open framed power supply out of an enclosure, more specifically, having live 240v terminals exposed that users can touch and potentially hurt themselves or worse.

If anyone would like to build their own cover, we have uploaded the STL file to our File repository here:

**Please note** If you are planning on installing this, you require a licensed electrician to re-terminate the wiring. If your previous electrician hasn't done the right thing you can likely get them back out Free of charge to install it for you. i.e: If it is not installed in an enclosure safely.

It suits RSP 320w and LRS 350w 12/24V Meanwell PSU's.

The DC-out hole diameter is 13mm to suit a 9mm cable grommet.

It suits a standard IEC+Fuse+Switch snap in Panel mount connector.

Recommended print settings: Layer height: 0.2mm Rafts: NO Supports: NO Infill: 30%

Build time: ~5 hours @ 30% infill

Happy Building!

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