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Nighthawk CNC controller - 2.3 firmware update due very soon!

Hey followers! We're planning a big launch very shortly for our CNC3D Commander software along side a firmware update for our Nighthawk CNC controller range and the Web portal built in.

There are some massive changes to overall performance of the platforms so for those of you with a Nighthawk, we highly recommend upgrading!

One of the greatest changes to the Nighthawk is the performance of laser mode. For a very long time with any G-code based controller, laser engravings were challenging to get right as the controller would stop, fire the laser at the required power then start moving again.

DSP controllers overcame this by communicating directly to the motion control system and keeping a constant velocity while varying the lasers intensity to match the job.

We have basically done just that with the Nighthawks G-code based system. As we keep a buffer of 26 commands in advance, it already knows what the next sequence of commands are and as a result, we maintain a constant velocity through the engraving, making for easier to achieve and spectacular results at a greatly improved speed!

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