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SharpCNC Commander update - Build 236

SharpCNC Commander updates are in!

Version 1.1 - Build 236

Here's a quick run down on the Features and bugs this release:

New features...

✔️ Realtime digital read out of Feed rate and spindle speed value. ✔️ Display of override percentages ✔️ Increased Spindle PWM maximum value to be a maximum of 99,999 for immediate and $30

Bug Fixes

🕷 Fixed a bug that stopped saved profiles from updating on the controller correctly

🕷 Fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow M4 spindle ON to be sent. 🕷 Fixed a bug with slowing down during large job runs and UI lock out freezing (Fingers crossed)

Here is a glance at the updated UI with Realtime Feed, speeds and override read out.

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