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The QueenBee is coming soon!

Based on the success of our X & Z SharpCNC / Workbee upgrade kits, we have commenced testing on a Full Y upgrade kit also. The original X & Z design was always part of a larger plan to make a complete system for those who want the ultimate precision from their kit.

Soon to be released as a full "QueenBee" package.

This will be the ultimate upgrade kit to your SharpCNC / Workbee


  • HGR15 profiles on Y axis

  • An extra 50mm height increase on the Z axis

  • The 4020 on the rear fastens to the back of the existing C beam to create a "triangle" for ultimate rigidity.

  • Reverse the Gantry C beam (optional) moving the screw to the front of the machine for screw driven setups.

  • Thicker 10mm precision machined plates.

  • Suits both Screw and belt drive configurations

Our X & Z upgrade kit is available now on our 3D store.

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