GT3 Timing belt 6mm (per meter)

GT3 Timing belt 6mm (per meter)


We can supply up to 100m continuous rolls.


These GT3 belts are great for CNC or motion control applications where durability and good pulley meshing is required. The main difference between a GT2 and GT3 belt is the depth and thickness of the teeth. A GT3 belt is suited to more than twice the torque handling of a standard GT2 belt and is well suited to Nema23 applications.


These are made from a neoprene nylon rubber with a fibreglass core and from our tests have performed well under various loads and stress.


This listing is for a 1m length of GT3 belt in your choice of belt width. If you require more than 1m, we will supply it as a continuous length. i.e: If you order 5 x 1m, we will send a 5m length with your order.



Like most belts, it is important to check the tensions over time to ensure optimal performance of your application. Belts tend to stretch over time with use, regularly checking tension after a few jobs or cycles 

and adjusting the tension will ensure a long and reliable service life of you belt.

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