Nighthawk CNC Controller (Wifi, BT, USB, SD)


Presenting our very own CNC3D exclusive In-house designed and built 3 axis Nighthawk CNC controller.


We have listened to the feedback of our customers, other CNC enthusiasts and our own experiences when we designed these controllers. 


Our objective was simple; To design the most versatile CNC controller possible with an onboard interactive Web server that is accessible via wifi that will allow you to control your CNC with a PC, Apple or Android Smartphone or tablet, or almost any device that has wifi and a web browser.


You can also pair your machine to Bluetooth and use free apps on your smartphone or tablet to control your CNC or connect via Bluetooth from your PC.


The SD card feature is incredibly handy for uploading files to your controller directly and running the jobs directly from your CNC. Adding files or removing files can done via our SharpCNC Commander control software or via the Web interface. 


Plasma cutting users will get a substancially more reliable result due to the direct access of the SD card files. 



Key features

  • Wifi connectivity (Access point and existing wifi connection options)
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB connectivity
  • SD card job file storage
  • 4 x 4.5A max adjustable stepper driver outputs (YYXZ axes)
  • Configurable Microstepping options up to 1/16
  • Easy access ports for Spindle, Laser or Plasma operation
  • Limit switches, door switch and coolant feed support
  • Supports a wide operating input voltage of 14V - 36V DC
  • Completely compatible with Easel CNC, Vectric suite or Fusion360 (Post processors available)
  • Opto-isolated inputs and outputs with a resistor/capacitor network for ultimate reliability and safety.
  • Both Voltage IN and ground have an independent filtering circuits to combat any ground noise generated by noisy VFDs and Plasma cutters.


Included with this controller

  • Controller board and driver board pre-assembled



If you are looking for an Australian built, designed and supported CNC controller with lots of features then this may be the controller for you!


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