NVUM Mach3 USB controller (4 Axis)


The Novusun NVUM 4 axis USB Mach3 controller provides an easy way to communicate with your CNC router from Mach3 software.



- Can control 4 stepper motor
- with 12 channel programmable input port,can set it for emergency function
- with 10 channel programmable output port,can set for water cooling devices
- with 1 channel standard handwheel pendant MPG port
- Spindle PWM output control
- Support MACH3 software
- USB interface,support Mach3 Software
- DCDC electrical isolation
- Optocoupler isolation
- Max 200khz stepper motor pulse output,suitable for most CNC milling machine system
- Support extend encoder to adjust FRO,SRO,SJR parameters


Please note: The latest version of Mach3 is required for this controller to work correctly. 

  • Support / Downloads

    Manual and Mach3 plugin can be downloaded HERE

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