SharpCNC Kit 500x750mm

SharpCNC Kit 500x750mm



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A very sturdy and accurate universal CNC frame kit that can leave a professional finish at an awesome price!

We have worked hard with our suppliers to bring one of the most cost effective and robust 'Maker' inspired CNC Frames possible.


These CNC machine frame kits are extremely durable and made from high quality extruded 8020 aluminium and are ACME screw driven for ALL sizes for excellent holding torque and accuracy.

These machines are capable of various applications depending on the need.


You could mount the following:

  • 3D printer head
  • Solid state laser engraver/cutter head
  • Plasma Torch
  • Router
  • Spindle
  • Pincer


The uses are endless; cutting, engraving, pick-and-place... 

There are many options available for these CNC kits so you can make a machine ready to cut!


Please Note: High powered lasers like option in this kit are extremely dangerous. We recommend using these lasers in a laser filtered enclosure or with the use of Laser goggles like the ones located on our techstore HERE


We cannot be held responsible for any misuse of any of our laser products. Please ensure you have appropriate PPE when using any laser.

Kit Type
Spindle (for milling)
Laser (For engraving)
  • Specifications


    Frame size Work area
    750 x 750mm 550 x 520mm
    750 x 1000mm 550 x 770mm
    1000 x 1000mm 800 x 770mm
    1000 x 1500mm 800 x 1270mm
    1500 x 1500mm 1300 x 1270mm

    Z Height
    54mm Or 94mm Travel, 27mm Or 47mm Workable depth, with a 12mm spoilboard. The spoilboard supports have two height configurations, these are the maximums for each configuration.



    Drive System - ACME T8-2-8 Lead Screw
    Linear Guides - Polycarbonate wheels on anodised C-Beam V-Slot Extrusion.
    Motors - NEMA23 Stepper Motors (X, Y & Z) on any screw driven machine, on any belt driven machine.
    Accuracy - 0.05 - 0.10mm (Screw Driven) Or 0.10 - 0.20mm (Belt Driven)


    For more info on the add-ons to our kits please see the "Kit details / components / handy info" tab!

  • Z Axis travel

    To clarify the Z Travel, this is not the max cutting depth or the travel range of the actuator. Z travel is the distance downwards it can travel before hitting the spoiler board supports.

    The SharpCNC has two spoilerboard support configurations. One with a travel of 66mm, and a lower one with a travel of 106mm. The reason for the two configurations is that if the machine is always used to cut thin materials, for accuracy reasons it is better to have the work piece as close to the Z-Actuator as possible, so in this case the machine should be setup in the higher 66mm travel configuration.

    The higher configuration has a Z travel of 66mm, with a 12mm spoiler board, this will reduce the Z travel to 54mm. In this case 54mm is maximum thickness of material that will fit on the machine.

    To calculate the max cutting depth for a chosen piece of material it is:

    Max Cutting Depth = Z travel – Material Thickness

    For instance a setup with a 12mm spoiler board, the max Z travel is 54mm, so when cutting into a material 30mm thick the max cutting depth would be:

    Max Cutting Depth = 54 – 30 = 24mm

    This means with a 30mm piece of material it would not be possible to cut it the whole way through.

    The max thickness that can be cut the whole way through is half the Z travel. So with a Z travel of 55mm, 27mm is the maximum thickness of material that could be cut the whole way through. And for the lower configuration the maximum thickness that can be cut the whole way through is 47mm

  • Support / Downloads

    Software Options


    Spindle Milling/Routing

    For 3 axis CNC milling there are several free and paid software packages you can use to get your SharpCNC running. If you are new to CNCs that's cool too. We all need to start somewhere.


    To make things easy and get you setup quickly, we recommend using Easel CNC, Easel is a web based GRBL controller that makes getting started extremely simple.

    You can start using Easel after creating an account by clicking HERE


    Laser Engraving

    For laser engraving / Plasma cutting we recommended to use LaserGRBL or T2 Laser.


    LaserGRBL is completely FREE and can be downloaded from HERE

    T2 Laser is available at a very reasonable price from HERE




    These awesome kits comes with a 12 month warranty on all parts and heaps of after sales support well past that. We're passionate enthusiasts,


    Our office hours are:
    Monday to Thursday 9:00AM - 5:00PM AEST
    Friday 9:00AM - 1.00PM AEST

    Call our office on (07) 5522 0619


    Prefer to email?

    Send your support through to


    Look on our forum!

    Answers to most questions can be found on our forum. Click HERE

  • Kit details / components / handy info

    Below is a list of components that are included in the various options we have with our kits.


    Included in all SharpCNC purchases is a welcome CD with build/wiring instructions and some handy software options. This will be sent to you via email.


    Frame kit


    The kit includes all mounting hardware, plates and extrusions required to assemble the frame.


    NOTE: We carefully adjust your stepper drivers to suit your motors prior to shipping please be aware of making any changes to these settings not to overdrive the motors.


    The specifications of the stepper motors are as follows:



    Specification Value
    Step angle 1.8° ±5%
    Number of Phases 2
    Insulation resistance 100MΩ min (500V DC)
    Insulation class Class B
    Rotor Inertia 280g.cm²
    Mass 0.72kg
    Rated voltage 3.36V
    Rated current 2.8A
    Resistance per phase 1.2Ω ±10%
    Inductance per phase 2.3mH ±20%
    Holding torque 1.26Nm
    Detent torque 45mN/m


    Our supplied electronics


    Included with our controller:

    • 4 x 4 core shielded Stepper cables with direct plug in to the steppers
    • 3 x 2 core shielded limit switch cables designed for a single limit switch per axis.
    • 3 x limit switches with mounting brackets.
    • 2 x Nylon cable drag chains (3 with a 1500x1500mm kit)
    • 4 x TB6600 stepper drivers
    • 1 x Arduino nano and screw shield preloaded with GRBL 0.9j
    • Dupont connectors for easy screw-in connection
    • DC-DC regulator preset to 12V for powering the Arduino (you may need to check your voltage output to ensure it is near 12V DC, the potentiometer may change during transit)
    • 5V single channel relay module (for switching a plasma torch trigger if required)
    • 24V 16A Meanwell Power supply with prewired DC leads. The DC-DC converter is presoldered in line with a set of leads to power the controller.


    IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not supply any of the 240v wiring for the PSU. Electrical safety regulations in Australia require that all 240v work be carried out by a licensed electrician, as such we discourage DIY wiring of the 240v wires. Any DIY work done on the 240V side will void any warranties on the entire kit.


    Spindle Add-on


    Our 1.5kw Spindle + VFD option accepts ER11 collets only. The spindle is Air cooled for easy installation and maintenance.

    The 1.5kw spindle is actually a 3 phase spindle for extremely quiet and vibration free operation, Typically we ship either a 1.5kw or 2.2kw VFD (Depending on availability) to drive these spindles. The VFDs will accept either a single phase 240v or 3 phase input depending on what you have available.

    The diameter of this spindle is 65mm.


    IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not supply any of the high voltage AC wiring for the VFD or spindle. Electrical safety regulations in Australia require that all 240v / 3 phase work be carried out by a licensed electrician, as such we discourage DIY wiring of any high voltage wires. Any DIY work done on the high voltage side will void any warranties on the entire kit.

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