Awesome Wire Strippers / Crimping pliers

Awesome Wire Strippers / Crimping pliers


These wire strippers are mostly likely the best wire strippers you will ever use.


Here at Sharp Software we personally use these in our workshop to strip pretty much any wire that will fit into the jaws. Including: Coax, outer insulation from multicore wires like mains flex and multiple wires all at once like ribbon cables etc. Of course it also does single core wires too!


The main advantage of these strippers is that they do not strip underlying insulation layers or cut any strands of the wire being stripped.


They also have a handy guide that can be adjusted to your desired stripping length for doing multiple wires consistently and easily. Simply adjust the guide to the length required and push the cable through the jaws until the end touches the guide. Simple!


They also include a crimper for standard Red, Blue and Yellow insulated crimp connectors and a standard cutting plier for trimming or cutting wires.


These are an absolute MUST HAVE wire stripper / crimper for your toolbox and can be used for many uses like automotive work, around the home or on the job site.


We highly recommend them!

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