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Richard Brooks
Feb 26, 2021
In CNC3D Commander Users
Have just found your software and am testing it out on a Shapeoko clone (eShapeoko) which is, in essense a Shapeoko 2. I have this machine hooked up to an Openbuilds Black Box Controller, and I have to say I am well impressed that it just - well, worked! Straight out of the box it just performed flawlessly. Only minor problem I had was with the DRO's not working, just like an earlier contributor here. Quick change of $10 from 2 to 3 and all was good. Just love the way you've tackled the probing with good instructions and great pictures (always worth more than a thousand words) and the ease with which I can change any of my GRBL Settings so easily. Congratulations to all who have made this great program. I will become an ardent follower your future progress - its all very interesting.... Richard

Richard Brooks

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