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Easy and powerful GRBL CNC Control software

The CNC3D Commander project (Formerly SharpCNC Commander) started off as a complimentary configuration tool for our CNC router kits. Over time, this project has turned into a full CNC control management suite with built in Creation tools that allow you to make your designs come to life. It is also completely FREE for personal use.

This software is written in Microsoft .NET framework and is designed for use on Windows PCs and laptops.

Download Commander

CNC3D  Commander Download
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System Requirements

Operating system:
Windows 8.1- Windows 11 (64 Bit)
RAM (Minimum): 
2gb RAM (8gb recommended)

Intel Pentium Core 3 Minimum

200mb of free space

Version 1.1* and greater

Metric & Imperial Inch support

Commander supports both Metric and imperial inches. This option can be easily configured in the "Operation" tab of commander under "Machine Units".

Please Note: Some aspects of GRBL controllers must be in metric, these include; Steps per millimetre, Acceleration and Max speed values. The good news, this typically only needs to be done once during initial machine configuration.

Spark Concepts xPRO V5 Support

The current version of Commander fully supports all of the extended features of the xPRO V5 including SD file handling, easy network setup and most importantly, network recovery!

FluidNC Support

There is very limited compatibility with FluidNC in Commander, FluidNC has removed almost all of the easy $ settings configurations found in GRBL in favour of a preloaded config file that must be compiled and re-uploaded to the controller. 

This means you cannot easily tune or adjust your machine on the fly using Commanders easy setting configuration tools.

FluidNC is still in the development stage, with constant and drastic changes to how it operates with each release, this makes it extremely difficult for our team to ensure that Commander can suit it entirely. 

With all due respect to the developers of FluidNC, we feel the platform is not quite stable enough for our development team to keep up with supporting at this stage.

Key features

  • Machine profile management

  • Run jobs

  • Jogging functions

  • Immediate override controls

  • Variable Macro support

  • Job tracing function

  • Machine setup wizard

  • Easy endmill management

  • SD card file synchronization

  • Detailed job info

  • Easy software updater

  • Supports IP (Wifi) controllers

  • Job visualizer

  • Advanced probing wizard

  • Firmware update tools (ESP32)

  • Informative alarm and error info

  • Fully featured FREE 2D design tools

  • Advanced xPROV5/ESP32 support

  • Start jobs accurately from any line

  • Handy control shortcuts

Easy GRBL machine configuration