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Frequently asked questions

Below you can find answers to the questions we get asked most about our CNC Machines and getting started with CNC.

Which machine should I get?

Deciding to get a CNC router or laser for home hobby or business purposes doesn't need to be a daunting process. Let's take a close comparative look at our machines to work out the best solution for you.

You can find our machine comparison page HERE

Do you have any tutorials for getting started?

We always try our best to make things as simple as possible. Making rich content and tutorials is all part of that process. We have a CNC Basics channel on our CNC3DTV! page that covers getting your first job out of the way and then moving onto more complex carvings like 3D carvings.

You can find our CNC3DTV! page HERE

How does our Support work?

Our helpful support team are available via Phone, Email, Facebook or via our Website chat to assist you with products you have purchased from us. Calling via phone is limited to our standard business hours and is the best way to get support.


The details of our business hours can be found on our Contact Us page.

Our Facebook Page can be found HERE


Please keep in mind our team donate their spare time on weekends, and after hours for support via Facebook and our website. Response time may not be immediate, and will vary.

We have set up an FAQ page to answer the most common support questions we get asked. If you have a support question this is a great place to look as your question may have already been answered!

Visit our Support FAQ's Forum HERE

Join our friendly CNC3D user community!

We have a great community on Facebook with over a thousand like minded CNC people just like you!

You can access our CNC /  3D Playground group on Facebook HERE  

For more information on our contact details and hours of operation please visit our Contact Us page.

Please note: We do not guarantee or provide any "in-home" or "call out" options for support.

What is the warranty period?

We offer a standard 12 month warranty on all products in our range with the following exceptions:


All VFDs have a 6 month warranty.

Invertek VFD warranties and repairs will be handled with Invertek directly. CNC3D do not keep any stock on hand of the Invertek Drives. You can contact Invertek at 1300 183 702 for support.

**Please note: If you do not have experience setting up VFD's, we do not recommend changing any settings yourself and to seek advice from your licensed electrician that is installing your VFD for you.


Failing to configure your VFD correctly may result in catastrophic events occurring such as the VFD physically exploding if settings are not configured correctly prior to powering on any VFD - this may void your warranty!


All Spindles have a 6 month warranty but there is no warranty on the shaft bearings as they are considered a consumable.


 The following consumable items have no warranties associated.

  • End mills & router bits

  • Collets

  • Bristle strips

  • Oramask

  • Bearings - sold individually or as part of an existing assembly

  • V-wheels and Mini V-wheels.

  • Bearing blocks and profile rails

  • Plasma consumables including ceramic cups, electrodes and nozzles

View our full warranty terms HERE

What computer / operating system do I need?

You can run your CNC machine using the Web interface built in the Nighthawk but Ideally using our Commander software is the best option. It is limited to Windows computers (Windows 7 or greater) but can be run via parallels or Boot Camp on a Mac.

Easel is a web based program and works on Chrome on any platform.


What software/ programs are recommended?

There are a lot of options regarding software:


For entry level and rapid production, you can use Easel the free program. We have based our Getting started tutorials on it because it is quite simple and straight forward to use.


For more advanced software you can use CarveCo, Vectric or Fusion360 – We have post processors that suit our Nighthawk for these programs here:


You can likely use any other design software of your choosing like SolidWorks. Just make sure to choose an appropriate Post processor so that it outputs G-code the Nighthawk can interpret.


For more info on using Easel or Carveco (3D carving) check out our CNC basics channel on our CNC3DTV! Page here:

What bits are included with my machine?

Included with the QueenBee and QB2 machine is:

 - 1 x 22mm 2F straight cut surfacing bit, (timber)

 - 1 x 4mm 2F Straight cut, (timber)

 - 1 x 60° or 90° ‘V’ Carving bit. (timber)

Included with the YouCarve machine is:

 - 1 x 22mm 2F straight cut surfacing bit, (timber)

 - 1 x 4mm 2F Straight cut, (timber)

 - 1 x 1/4"-1/8" Router Adapter,

 - 1 x 1/4"- 4mm Router Adapter

**Please note these bits are only supplied if the spindle / router option is ordered with the machine.

You may wish to add other endmills to your order - these can be sent out with your machine.
You can view our entire endmill range here:

Will the laser engraver cut any material?

We do not guarantee our lasers will cut anything but we have had some good success at cutting a variety of materials with our 30w air-assisted lasers. Our 15w and lower powered lasers will likely not be suitable for cutting but will work great for engraving on timbers, plastics and some coated surfaces.

You can follow this video guide here:

How Much does the machine weigh?

Approximate weight is ~60-80kg depending on size and options. Included in the delivery is a tail lift service and the driver should be able to place it in your workshop via pallet jack.
2 relatively fit people may be able to move it but have a 3rd person around to assist if needed.

What dust collection system is required?

A shop vac is perfectly fine to use with the dust shoe option. We use a $49 Aldi wet/dry shop vac at our factory and it has been going strong for 3 years.


If you want to use a larger extraction system you absolutely can, you will just need a hose adapter.

When will my machine arrive?

Each machine has the expected lead time shown within the listing, Whilst we always aim to be on time or early, please note that lead times are approximate and can change without notice, based on build volume & stock availability.

Whilst we endeavour to stick to these timelines, as in any well-intentioned plan, unexpected situations can arise. In such cases where we anticipate a delay beyond the specified lead time, we promise to promptly communicate with you and provide an updated timeline.


Lead times do NOT include the shipping transit time - once your machine has been shipped you will receive a tracking confirmation email and the freight company will contact you direct to arrange a delivery day and time.

View our full shipping terms HERE

What size table should I build / buy for my machine?

Each of our machine listings does have a critical dimensions section at the bottom of each listing. We recommend making a bench that is at least 300mm longer front to back than the overall size of the machine. This leaves some space for your spindle spanners, probe, collets and endmills.

We recommend making the top of the bench from Formply as it has a resin layer preventing moisture ingress and is generally very flat and consistent.  

Ensure your bench is quite strong and made of either steel or timber with angled gussets to stop any trapezoidal flex. The stronger your bench is, the better your performance will be.

How do I secure my stock / work piece:

There are many choices for securing your workpiece, Some users opt to use a T-track and clamp system, other choose to screw their stock directly into your spoilboard. Both of these methods require you to use tabs in your job when cutting out parts to full depth in order to keep your job in place.


While the clamp and T-track system is a handy and simple way to hold your jobs the caveat is that you must be diligent when working with them to ensure your Z axis or spindle does not collide with the clamps. It is also not suited to jobs where stock size is small in relation to the actual job being cut out of it.

If choosing the T-track and clamp method we recommend mounting the tracks directly onto your spoilboard and having MDF planks in between each track. For best results, ensure that the thickness of MDF used for the planks is at least 16mm so you can still surface the spoilboard without cutting into the T-tracks.

We stock T-Tracks and matching clamps on our website, they can be found here:



Another handy method is to use blue painters tape and superglue to adhere your job to the spoilboard. This allows you to cut parts out at full depth without needing to any tabs that need to be removed later. We have setup a video tutorial on our YouTube channel for doing this HERE


What design and control software do I need?


Our machines include our in-house designed Nighthawk controller and our own CNC3D Commander software. This is the recommended software for use with our machines.


You can learn more about how a general job takes place HERE


Do you offer custom sizes?

Our engineering team spend many hours on researching and developing our products and machines so they perform the best they possibly can. As such, we do not offer customized sizes as the time taken in R&D to ensure a machine is made to our standards can take a very long time.


What materials will it cut / sizes?

All of our CNC routers will cut and engrave timbers and plastics. Any of our machines can be used for hobby purposes but the QB2 and Metal storm machines are recommended for commercial use.


To get an idea on maximum cutting depth for each machine type, you can check out our machine comparison page HERE 

What else will I need?


Through user feedback and experience a lot of our machine listings on our 3D store have common optional extras that can be chosen to suit your needs. We try to offer the most complete solutions we can so our users can get productive very quickly.


For our fully built plug and play machines (Including a YouCarve that is fully assembled for pick up only), the only extras needed are generally some additional cutters to suit the materials you are planning on working on. Also, the addition of T-tracks, clamps and MDF planks (for going in between the T-tracks) can be added separately.

If choosing a YouCarve CNC that is being shipped, a spoilboard must be sourced locally from your local hardware store. The dimensions required are listed on the YouCarve additional information section in the YouCarve page listing which can be found HERE

If you are considering a SharpCNC kit, The machine requires full assembly. Depending on the options you select, we can supply the power supply, wiring and motors and Spindle & VFD.


The power supply, Spindle and VFD require wiring by a licensed electrician under Australian law. This is an important factor to consider.

Do you sell Gift Vouchers?

Yes, we sell CNC3D eGift Vouchers. You can purchase one online HERE

eGift Vouchers are valid for 3 years from date of purchase and cannot be redeemed or replaced after this date.

CNC3D Pty Ltd is not responsible for lost / stolen vouchers, and is not responsible for replacing a voucher that has been lost / stolen.

eGift Vouchers are strictly non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. eGift Vouchers are not valid with any other offer and / or special at CNC3D Pty Ltd.

CNC3D Voucher's can be used for ONLINE purchases only.

Do I need 15amp Power / Can I run it at home?

We recommend using our machines in a workshop/garage/shed environment. All of our machines with the exception of our Metal Storm can be used on a normal 10A plug outlet.


Our Metal Storm CNC does require a 15A outlet to be available as it can and will exceed 10A.


Do you offer an ATC option?

At this stage we do not have an ATC option with our machines. This is however in our pipeline to introduce in the future! 

Does it come with a Vacuum Bed?

At present our current machine range does not include a vacuum bed system but as our technology progresses we will be offering a vacuum system with our machines in future!

How do CNC3D machines compare to others?

We do not try to compare ourselves to anyone else in the CNC space as we are constantly on the cutting edge of CNC technology and have our own vision and designs. We can confirm that we offer one of the most complete Australian made CNC packages on the market in the same class.

We take our R&D very seriously and work on making robust solutions for every aspect of the CNC lifecycle.

We make and produce the following:

- Our In-house control Software (CNC3D Commander)

- 2D CAM tools, available via Commander

- Our In-house Nighthawk controller with advanced features that exceed most controllers.

- Our own machine designs.

We feel the secret to providing a great experience is to offer a complete package and having full control over every aspect of the machine from design through to finished jobs.

Some fun facts about our machines:

- The YouCarve, QueenBee, QB2 and Metal Storm CNC Machines are certified Australian Made


- Our entry level YouCarve and SharpCNC machines consist of 6mm aluminium plates all round.

- Our QueenBee and QB2 machines use 12mm alloy plates on the Y axis with 10mm plates on X and Z axes that have been precision surfaced for the best performance. The 12mm plates on the Y axis provide superior rigidity on the high-set design of the Y axis. For the performance expectations of the QueenBee and QB2 machines, 6mm plates were simply not rigid enough and failed our standards.    

- Our Nighthawk CNC Controller has been over-engineered electronically for optimal robust performance with custom circuit boards designed by CNC3D, and paired with genuine Toshiba drives gives a super simple and clean look but still with enough power to run even our most demanding machines.

- The Nighthawk CNC Controller is certified Australian Made, and complies with the following regulatory marks: RCM/R-NZ, CE, UKCA, RoHS, FCC and ICED

We highly recommend joining our friendly user community via Facebook, this is a great way to collaborate and share ideas and find help with other users with our machines:

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