TurboCut 1 Flute Upcut (Aluminium & Brass)

TurboCut 1 Flute Upcut (Aluminium & Brass)



All of our TurboCut endmills are sent via Australia post express for speedy replacement


These single flute Upcut endmills have been specifically designed for cutting Aluminium, brass and aluminium composite panels. The large single flute design makes them very efficient at removing swarf and keeping the endmill cool to reduce any chip welding.


These endmills are made from solid Japanese carbide and have no coating at all.


Recommended for

  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Plastics (HDPE, ABS)
  • Auminium Composite panels


Please Note

It is recomended to test these endmills at various feeds and speeds for the best results. Our team have had great success milling aluminium at ~18K RPM at ~600mm/m with excellent results. This is purely indicative though based on the rigidty of your machine.


It is not recommended to use these endmills for wood as it's upcutting profile will leave a rough top surface edge on your timber.

Cut Diam. x Cut Length x Shank Diam
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