2500mw Laser module (focus adjustable)

2500mw Laser module (focus adjustable)


These 2500mw laser module with focus adjustment are a great entry level laser for doing engravings on both soft and hard woods at a decent feed rate. They are are a clear upgrade over the 1000mw laser module and leave a more pronounced impression on woods.

These laser are capable of cutting some thin materials BUT we only recommend the use of the laser for engraving, as we cannot guarantee the laser will safely and cleanly cut the material.



  • Input voltage: 12V 


Please Note: High powered lasers like ones in this module are extremely dangerous. We recommend using these lasers in a laser filtered enclosure or with the use of Laser goggles like the ones located on our techstore HERE


We cannot be held responsible for any misuse of any of our laser products. Please ensure you have appropriate PPE when using any laser

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