COB Cutter (PCB, Fibreglass, Carbon fiber)

COB Cutter (PCB, Fibreglass, Carbon fiber)



All of our TurboCut endmills are sent via Australia post express for speedy replacement


These COB cutter endmills are designed for milling and engraving resin composite products such as PCB, fibreglass and carbon fiber panels. They tend to have more of a grinding effect rather than a cutting effect.



Recommended for


  • Printed circuit board (PCB)
  • Fibreglass panels
  • Carbon fiber panels


Please Note

Be careful when cutting or engraving any resin composite materials as they produce alot of fine dust that can irritate the throat, eyes and lungs. It is recommended to use a dustshoe and suitable dust extraction system when machining these products.

Cut Diam. x Cut Length x Shank Diam
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