HGH35 bearing block

HGH35 bearing block



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These bearing blocks are designed to perfectly slide onto a standard HGR15 profile rail and are designed for extremely load heavy work environments.


They are made of a thick carbon steel outer housing with rows precision carbon steel ball bearing inside that perfectly groove into your profile rail.


We have 2 styles on offer, the HGHCA, which has tapped bolt holes on top of the bearing block and the HGWCC which has 4 boltable holes on the outside edges of the block requiring you to secure using a bolt and nut.



These units come shipped with machine oil on them to prolong the life and decrease the chances of any corrosion. We recommend cleaning these units in isopropyl alcohol and applying fresh lubricant to the block before putting them into your application.


This bearing blocks include a grease nipple for easy lubrication directly into the block.


This product may be shipped directly from our quality controlled suppliers factory to your door depending on our stock levels. Check our shipping facts HERE

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