Nema23 Stepper Motor - 2.45N.m

Nema23 Stepper Motor - 2.45N.m


Our highest powered Nema23 stepper motor, These motors are suited to larger CNC machines that have more demand on cutting at faster rates and through tougher materials. They are suitable to be run by TB6600 stepper drivers. (Also available in our store)


Perfect for CNC machinery, pick and place machines and other application where precise motor control is required such as robotics.

  • Specifications

    Specification Value
    Step angle 1.8° ±5%
    Number of Phases 2
    Insulation resistance 100MΩ min (500V DC)
    Insulation class Class B
    Rotor Inertia 600g.cm²
    Mass 1.2kg
    Rated voltage 3.6V
    Rated current 3A
    Resistance per phase 1.2Ω ±10%
    Inductance per phase 4mH ±20%
    Holding torque 2.45Nm
    Detent torque 90mN/m


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