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CNC3D is proudly an Australian owned and operated business | ABN: 15 928 971 235

QueenBee XYZ Full 3 axis Upgrade Kit (suits SharpCNC / Workbee)


IMPORTANT: Due to the Chinese New Year and local stock shortages of profile rails, there may be a delay in shipping your order. Orders for the upgrade kit with profile rails will not be shipped until after the 8th February 2020.


NOTE: This does not affect our QueenBee plate sets wich are manufactured and distributed here in Australia. If you are able to source your own profile rails, choose the "Plate set Only" option and we will ship within our 1 week time frame OR if you choose a full upgrade with our profile rails we will ship your order out after the 8th of February.


This SharpCNC / Workbee Profile rail upgrade kit was designed in-house at CNC3D by our engineering team to improve the accuracy even further over the standard design increasing the rigidity on all axes and almost completely eliminate any chatter while milling smooth materials such as acrylic, aluminium and other metals such as brass.


This upgrade is recommended for users who want a smoother finish and to increase the feeds and speeds on their machine for shorter cut times.


Included with this kit:

  • Plate set for X&Z OR a full XYZ upgrade with 50mm Z height work increase.
  • Optional profile rails and bearing blocks to suit your upgrade.
  • Additional Z axis style delrin nut block for X axis screw drive setups.
  • New set of limit switch mounts for X & Z.
  • Precision mini shims for spacing your delrin nuts


Key Features

  • The Z axis has it's V-wheels replaced with precision MGN15 profile rails
  • The X axis has it's V-wheels replaced with precision HGR15 Profile rails across the gantry.
  • This kit does not decrease the overall travel on each axis over the standard with the X&Z upgrade.
  • Superior rigidity on the X & Z axis especially over longer gantry lengths.
  • The ability to safely increase feeds, speeds and depths of cut. 
  • The upgrade kit supports both screw driven SharpCNC / Workbee CNC's on the X & Z axis.




Our full XYZ kit does NOT support a belt driven Y axis, it must be converted to screw drive to work. Also, with the Y axis upgrade it decreases your overall X axis travel by approximately 50mm. Please be aware you WILL lose travel with the extra Y axis. 


The Full XYZ QueenBee kit also does not directly support having your spoilboard supports mounted vertically, this however can be made to work by manually cutting the 2040 extrusions that slot between the side C beams. If you are not comfortable cutting these accurately we recommend sticking to an X & Z upgrade only or mounting your spoilboard supports horizontally. 


You will be required to reuse existing parts from your original kit and to source some extra nuts and bolts to complete this upgrade kit, We do not supply any extra nuts, bolts or T nuts with these units as generally they can be sourced locally quite easily.




For optimal perfomance, we recommend cleaning the existing factory machine oil off thoroughly and applying fresh machine oil or grease. To extend the life of these rails we recommend ensuring there is adequate oil/grease on the rails.


Please Note: Due to their size, HGH15 CA & CW bearing blocks do not have a grease nipple for easy lubrication so please ensure that you periodically apply fresh machine oil or grease to the rails to keep these rails performing as expected year after year.

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