Surfacing Bit (22x6mm)

Surfacing Bit (22x6mm)



All of our TurboCut endmills are sent via Australia post express for speedy replacement


These surfacing bits are designed for face cutting your spoilboard to ensure that the bed is perfectly perpendicular to your spindle or router. Simply fit one of these cutters to your router/spindle and run at 20% lower speed than your usual endmills for the same material type. Perform 1mm cuts on your surface at a time until the whole surface has been cut.  


Cutting diameter: 22mm

Shank Size: 6mm


Recommended for


  • Wood & timber (MDF, ply, hardwoods)
  • Plastics (HDPE, PVC, ABS) 


Please Note


Due to the size of these bits, ensure they are mounted as high as possible into the router/spindle to reduce any run-out and possible breakages.


Be careful when cutting or engraving MDF and some particle timber products as they produce alot of fine dust that can irritate the throat, eyes and lungs. It is recommended to use a dustshoe and suitable dust extraction system when machining these products.

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