TB6600 Stepper motor driver

TB6600 Stepper motor driver




Perfect for driving high powered Nema23 stepper motors for CNC control and various other applications. Packed with loads of safety features, this drive is an upgraded version of the original TB6600, supporting up to 32 microstep segmentation resolution for high resolution results. Applicable stepper motor: Nema23 all sizes in 2-phase & 4-phase configuration.




  •  9V-40V DC power input;


  •  H-bridge bipolar constant-phase flow-driven


  •  Maximum output current of 4.0 Amps


  •  Up to 1/32 microstepping options for excellent resolution


  •  All inputs have high-speed optical isolation


  •  Standard common anode single pulse interface


  •  Automatic hold function;


  •  Semi-enclosed chassis with large heatsink for work in demanding environments for long work periods.


  •  Semi-automatic current lock function


  •  Built-in thermal protection and overcurrent protection.
SKU: TB6600
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