High Quality VFD Spindle Cable (High Powered)

High Quality VFD Spindle Cable (High Powered)



A super high quality, fully Australian standards approved and EMC complied VFD Spindle power cable.


This high quality cable has 4 x 2.5mm^2 cores making them suitable for driving Spindles up to 6kw.


The price is for 1 meter of cable, if you purchase multiple meters we will cut the total length. i.e: If you purchase 5 meters we will send a single 5 meter length.


This cable uses thin pure copper conductor wires and has a thick tinned copper braided shielding to minimize any EMI noise.


This cable is specifically designed to work in CNC applications where the cables are constantly in motion. 


Please Note: This cable is quite thick and heavy, Please check your have enough space in your cable chains to fit this cable through. Outer diameter of this cable is roughly 14mm




Number of conductors: 4

Conductor size: 2.5mm^2


Product Design

  • Fine-wire strand made of bare copper wires
  • PVC insulation
  • Cores twisted in layers
  • PVC inner sheath - Grey
  • Screen
  • PVC outer sheath - Clear


Screen Type

Tinned Copper Braid


Voltage Rating



Temperature range

Occasional flexing: -5°C to +70°C

Fixed installation: -40°C to +80°C 

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