XYZ CNC Touch probe

XYZ CNC Touch probe

PriceFrom $89.00

A high precision XYZ touch probe designed and made in house at CNC3D from billet 6061 aluminium, these touch probes are the ideal way to set your zero to the absolute edge of your work piece or to do a circle probe function.


These probes feature a 4mm hole for inserting a banana plug to easily connect your probe wires.


The Cable Kit option includes 3 meters of fully shielded and flexible figure 8 cable welded soldered banana plug and alligator clip for optimal reliability in noisy environments.


For those new to XYZ probing, the primary purpose of these probes is to accurately set your zero position in reference to a corner of the piece of material you are working on. Simply place the probe over the corner of your choosing and position your endmill approximately 10-20mm above the middle of the CNC3D logo engraved on the surface of the probe. Then simply run a macro to set your XYZ zero point.


Using your XYZ probe is easy on a GRBL based CNC machine using our SharpCNC commander software via the probing Wizard. 


Please see macro examples below for usage on other platforms.



  • CNC3D XYZ probe


Optional extra

  • 3m of high quality shielded figure 8 cable fitted with banana plug and alligator clip on probe side.


Please note: The controller side of the cable Kit is bear ended so you can add any type of connector you like to your probe to suit your controller.

All probes are milled to a tolerance of ±0.1mm

Wiring kit
  • Usage / Macro Samples

    GRBL Users

    The easiest way to get started is by using our SharpCNC Commander software.

    It can be downloaded HERE

    #99 = 5     (clearance)
    #100 = 10    (fine probing speed)
    #101 = 30    (max distance Z probe)

    (// these need to be in a setup file for probing )
    #102 = 60    ( distance to move before probing Y)
    #103 = 60    ( distance to move before probing X)
    #104 = 5     ( distance to move below Z0 for x and Y probe)
    #105 = 2    ( Radius of endmill )

    (// YXZ Touhplate dimensions)
    #106 = 5    ( Z thickness offset )
    #107 = 15    ( X width offset )
    #108 = 15    (y width offset)
    #109 =  ( A  found value )

    (// Z probe )
    G38.2 Z-50 F100
    G91 G0 Z1
    G38.2 Z-3 F10
    G90 G10 L2 P1 X0 Y0 Z0    (#105(#Thickness_probe_plate))
    G91 G0 Z#99 (lift clearence)


    (// move to y probe start)
    G91 G0 G55 Y #102 (move x probe start position)
    G91 G0 G55 X0  (move Y probe start position)
    G90 G0 G54 Z- #104 ( move Z to -distance )

    (// Y probe negative 4MM SHAFT )
    G38.2 Y- #102 F100 (Find Y side of plate within 30mm)
    G91 G0 Y1    ( back off 1mm )
    G38.2 Y-2 F10 (Find Y side of plate within 2mm SLOW FEED RATE)

    ((( insert code here Find the value of Y and store this value as #109 )

    G90 G10 L2 P1 Y0                                              ([ #105 /2]      (Set Y 1/2 DIA ))
    G91 G0 G54 Y #99 (Clear the  plate)


    (// move to X probe start)
    G90 G0 Z #99    ( move Z up to safe position)
    G91 G0 G55 X- #103 (move x probe start position)
    G90 G0 G55 Y- #109  (move Y probe original start position)
    G90 G0 G54 Z- #104 ( move Z to -distance )

    (// x probe negative 4MM SHAFT )
    G38.2 X #103 F100 (Find X side of plate within distance )
    G91 G0 X-1
    G38.2 X2 F10 (Find X side of plate within 2mm SLOW FEED RATE)
    G90 G10 P1 L2 X0                                                 ([ #105 /2]      (Set X 1/2 DIA ))
    G91 G0 X- #104  (Clear the  plate)

    ( return to zero  and do calculation for offsets)
    G90 G0 Z #99
    G90 G0 X0 Y0 Z0
    G10 L2 P1 X-{#105+#107} Y{#105+#108} Z#106                ( set offsets radius end mill + X touchplate width ,set offsets radius end mill + Y touchplate width , Z thickness)
    G90 G0 X0 Y0 Z#99


    Please note: you can improve accuracy of this by using a micrometer or vernier caliper to carefully measure the offset edges of the probe.

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