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QueenBee CNC Router
Australian Made and owned

The original QueenBee CNC

YouCarve CNC Router


Each QueenBee is carefully hand crafted from high quality alloys and components

Easel CNC3D Commander Software


Every QueenBee CNC comes with the power of our premium Nighthawk CNC controller

CNC Router Laser


Accurately and precisely work on a variety of materials with a router, spindle, laser or plasma


Machine type

Medium Hobby

Overall size

3 sizes

Work area




Max Speed




Drive system

Lead screw

Linear Motion

15mm Profile rails

Tool options

Spindle, laser, plasma

Power usage

320w (no tool)

Suitable for

Timbers (all), plastics, foams, composite panels, carbon fibre & Alloys

What's Included?

Every QueenBee CNC comes fully assembled and ready to go right out of the box and has the following features:
  • Machine frame

  • Nighthawk controller

  • Power supply

  • Limit switches

  • Easy probe attachment

  • Endmills

  • CNC3D Commander software

  • Spoilboard


CNC Router Spindle


None | 1.5kw air-cooled + Invertek VFD

Choose to add your own router or use our recommended 1.5kw Spindle and Invertek VFD. This spindle and VFD are very well matched to the performance of the QueenBee. Invertek are considered by many to be the highest quality VFDs in the world.

Quick Access magnetic Dust Shoe


None | 65mm

Select whether or not to add one of our in-house designed and manufactured 65mm quick access magnetic dust shoes. Perfect for quick and easy tool changes and keeping your workshop and machine clean and tidy.

Touch Probe


None | Z probe | XYZ probe

Take full advantage of the probing features of our CNC3D Commander software and accurately find corners and surfaces of your material.

Laser Engraver


None | 15w laser kit

Choose whether or not to add a laser kit to your machine for engraving on materials such as timbers, leathers, some acrylics, anodized alloy and even steels (with cermark). 

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