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SharpCNC Router Kit
CNC Router cutting Mill 3D Carving


Accurately mill or cut a variety of materials including Hardwoods, aluminium and plastics like Acrylic.

CNC Plasma attachment


Attach a plasma cutter to your SharpCNC to precisely cut through mild and stainless steels.

*Steel bed recommended

CNC Router Laser


Attach a 15 or 30w laser head to engrave or cut a variety of materials like leather, softwoods and acrylic.

What's Included?

Every SharpCNC Router kit comes with the following features:
  • Machine frame

  • Nighthawk controller

  • Power supply

  • Limit switches

  • Cable chains

  • All wiring (except 240V wiring)

  • Endmills to get started*

  • CNC3D Commander software

After assembly, a spoil board is all that can be required to get a fully working machine.

*Only included when a spindle is ordered with the kit


CNC Router Spindle


None | 1.5kw air-cooled + VFD

Choose to add your own router or use our recommended 1.5kw Spindle and Invertek VFD. This spindle and VFD are very well matched to the performance of the SharpCNC.

Quick Access magnetic Dust Shoe


None | 65mm

Select whether or not to add one of our in-house designed and manufactured 65mm quick access magnetic dust shoes. Perfect for quick and easy tool changes and keeping your workshop and machine clean and tidy.

Touch Probe


None | Z probe | XYZ probe

Take full advantage of the probing features of our CNC3D Commander software and accurately find corners and surfaces of your material.

Laser Engraver


None | 15w laser kit | 30w laser kit (Air assist)

Choose whether or not to add a laser kit to your machine for engraving on materials such as timbers, leathers, some acrylics, anodized alloy and even cut some materials with the 30w laser!

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