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Calling all GRBL users!

Our new SharpCNC Commander CNC control software is ready for Beta testing.

Please note: This tool is still in Beta so we recommend running a few test cuts on scrap material first.

If you encounter any bugs can you kindly take a screenshot and send it to us via Facebook or Email along with some info of what you were doing when the error occurred.

We're also very open to feedback and will try to add as many features as we possibly can. Just let us know what you would like to see in our software or how we can make things even easier for users.

The software can be downloaded from our secure server here:

Here's some screenshots

Running jobs

Macro Manager

Handy auto probing wizard

Easily update your machine profiles or save a snapshot

Easily tune your motors and set your steps easily.

Simple axis control

Setup your limit switches, homing and other peripherals easily.

Fine tune your basic settings

Easily change your operation mode from Spindle to laser or vise versa

Configure your mode of operation (Wifi, Bluetooth)

**Applicable to our Nighthawk controllers only**

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