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CNC Tech Tip - How to use G28 and G30 G-codes using GRBL

Hey there makers, we hope you are all enjoying the Easter break. In today's CNC Tech Tip we will be covering the usage of G28 and G30 G-code commands and how they help you easily recover from a lost job or change a tool mid job. This is especially important for simpler CNC platforms such as GRBL that lack some recovery features that commercial platforms have. Some key points ==============

- You do not need to re-home every time (only once when powering up or E-stopping) to use G28 and G30 they can be called at any time in an idle state or while in motion. - The values persist after E-stop resets, settings updates and power offs. - Both commands reference there position based on the MACHINE coordinate system and are completely independent of the JOB coordinate space.

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