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CNC Tech Tip / Project - How to solve problems using your 3D printer

Hey followers, We've put this rather lengthy video together which teaches you how to assess a problem, make a solution and then implement it. Today we will be covering a few key points.

1. How to measure up your problem in order to make the solution

2. How to use TinkerCAD to make 3D designs

3. How to use a slicer program which will convert your model into 3D printing Gcode that you 3D printer can understand.

This example is actually a very practical one as we needed a solution to this problem.

We hope it helps all of you when using your CNC or 3D printer. :)

Tools / Components used in this video

Toggle switch

Ender3 Pro Printer

Vernier Calipers

TinkerCAD (Free Software)

Creality Slicer

Found on your SD card supplied with the Ender3 Pro.

PLA+ 3D printing Filament


Want to use this solution on your own boat? You can also download the built model from our secure server here so you can print one yourself :)

We hope you enjoyed this video and if you did, don't forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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