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CNC3D Commander build 292 - Overview

Hey followers!

We thought we'd put together a short video (as short as we could make it) that covers all of the features of our Aussie made and designed, CNC3D Commander software.

This video relates to Build 292 or later version of Commander.

Our CNC3D Commander software supports GRBL / ESP32 based CNC controllers like the popular xPROV5 controller. There includes extended support for the more advanced GRBL features.

Here are some of the key features of the Commander project:

- Machine profile management

- Run jobs

- Jogging functions

- Immediate override controls

- Variable Macro support

- Job tracing function

- Machine setup wizard

- Easy endmill management

- Easy software updater

- Supports IP (Wifi) controllers

- Job visualizer

- Advanced probing wizard

- Firmware update tools (ESP32)

- Informative alarm and error info

- Fully featured FREE 2D design tools

- Advanced xPROV5/ESP32 support

To learn more about CNC3D commander or to give it a try, you can check out the Commander page here:

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