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CNC3D Commander updates are in! Version 1.1 - Build 250

CNC3D Commander updates are in!

Version 1.1 - Build 250

Bug Fixes ==========

🐝 Fixed a major bug with serial communications affecting Fusion360 and Vectric users. 🐝 Fixed multiple bugs with XYZ probing affecting zero positioning on random corners 🐝 Fixed bug with laser/spindle not switching on until jog performed. 🐝 Issue with importing PNGs into Image engraver resolved. New features ============= ☀️ Added laser multipass function into SVG to laser engraver. ☀️ Add Z plunge per pass to multipass function. ☀️ Added BlueCarve Bluey factory profile ☀️ Supports tool changes with tool data for Fusion360 and Vectric files (Optimized Post Processors coming soon)

For those who haven't tried our Free In house designed GRBL software, you can check it out on our website:

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