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GlowMaker - Mini laser engraver - How to get started

In this video tutorial we show you how simple it is to make awesome laser engravings using one of our GlowMaker mini laser engravers.

Glow Maker, a small and compact laser engraver capable of beautiful engravings on a variety of materials.

It features a 3w diode laser in a self contained housing that comes fitted with a cooling fan and protective green laser shield for safe operation.

The Glow Maker is the perfect tool for:

✔️ Engraving timber, leather or mobile phone cases.

✔️ Adding designs or QR codes to packaging like card board.

It can be easily transported and placed on top above a surface to be engraved.

If you would love to get a GlowMaker, you can check them out here:

Our CNC3D Commander program is completely free and can be downloaded from our website here:

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