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Handy STL for fitting HGR15 profiles to 20 series extrusions

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

For those who have a QueenBee upgrade kit or want to do you own spin on a HGR15 profile rail conversion on your 20 series extrusion machine this handy STL may make tramming and spacing your HGR15 rails a whole lots easier!

3D printer required. Material: ABS or PLA Infill: 30-50% works well

File download from our secure server HERE

Print 2 units and use a drop in T nut and bolt to secure them to your C beam to easily line up the rails.

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Unknown member
Oct 31, 2019

Hi Ricardo, We've uploaded a photo here. Simply print 2 of these and use an M5 bolt and drop in T nut to secure it to the C beam carrying the rail.


Ricardo MG
Ricardo MG
Oct 30, 2019

Hi! Would you please show a picture of how the tool should be used?


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