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Meet the QB2 - Officially

An Australian made CNC machine that is engineered to be enjoyed!

The QB2 is a serious machine with high precision ball screws and HGR15 profile rails on all axes to provide superior results on a variety of materials.

Classified a heavy duty hobby/Light commercial machine, it's built for serious home hobby CNC operators and businesses who want to improve or expand their product offering. The QB2 was designed to make light work of materials such as:

- Timbers (All) - Plastics (All) - Foams (If machinable) - Alloys (Aluminium and brass) - Composite pane

Each QB2 machine includes: - Our Australian made premium Nighthawk CNC controller - Easy probing mount Limit switches - Endmill cutters to get started - A fitted MDF spoil board

All of our Fully assembled machines are plug and play, simply un-crate, plug in the wall and go! Easy as can be!

We've made things simple! We are upfront and honest about our machine pricing. All of our fully assembled CNC machines include FREE shipping to Australia's Mainland and GST is included with all pricing. You will likely find that the QB2 is more affordable than any other Australian made machine on the market in the same category.

What about support?

We know our machines back to front because we make them.

Our highly trained support team are there to guide through every step of your CNC journey.

We are available Monday to Friday for phone support and offer after hours support via Facebook, our website and email.

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