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SharpCNC Config tool BETA has been released for user testing!

We've been working on a tool over the weekend designed to quickly and easily configure our SharpCNC mills.

The software package runs on all versions of Windows at present but can be accessed using Mono & WINE on a Linux machine or parallels on a Mac.

The tool has been optimized for configuring our SharpCNC kits but can be used on any GRBL 0.8-1.1 controlled CNC.

This is a BETA release with no installer, just extract the files to a folder and run the "SharpCNC Config tool.exe" file in the ZIP file.

We are really looking for users to provide us some feedback as to how we can improve it and fix any bugs. If you do test it out, please send any bugs or feature suggestions to:

PLEASE NOTE: As there is no installer package provided, If you encounter any Windows alerts advising of a PC risk, simply right click on the "SharpCNC Config tool.exe" file, click on "Properties" and tick the "Unblock" option near the bottom of the "General" tab, then click "OK".

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