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SharpCNC Meets Plasma cutter?

We have been working hard in our workshop fabricating a steel frame and water table for our SharpCNC demo unit to find out if our machines can cut Steel!

Job all set up and ready to test.

Here's some quick snaps of the table build.

So can it cut steel?

Like most things in the R&D field, every now and then we have a failure. This first test was no exception!

After finally setting up our Plasma CNC conversion and trying to mitigate any possible EMI issues with the GRBL Arduino controllers. We successfully managed to light the pilot arc and attempt to run our first job.

Although we ran several dry runs on our test G-code, somehow when it came time to running with the torch lit, The torch loosened and made direct contact with the job surface.

The results were a disintegrated Torch tip. Check out the damage below!

What's next from here?

We have 5 more torches on order and we will independently earth the water table to it's own ground for the next test.

Stay tuned on our blog or join us on Facebook for more info on our projects including this one!

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