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SheetCAM Post processors now available!

We have just added 2 new CNC Post processors to our collection for SheetCAM!

SheetCAM is a popular 2D cutting CAM program that has a lot features and produces excellent toolpaths for Water jet, Plasma and Laser jobs.

There are 2 versions available:

1. A standard post processor designed to work with the Nighthawk / xPROV5 and other GRBL based controllers. It does NOT support a probing routine and is designed for standard plasma setups without a probing slide assembly fitted. Usage of a THC is perfectly fine for this.

2. Features are the same as version 1 but this version performs a probing routine before each pierce. The purpose of this is to ensure a superior arc start regardless of how warped the material is. This post processor is specifically intended for use with plasma cutters with a probing slide assembly fitted. If you are looking to upgrade your CNC plasma with a sliding head assembly, we have our own design that works exceptionally well and can be found HERE.

Please note: if using a Nighthawk controller or xPROV5, you need to export your jobs and upload them to your controllers SD storage via either Commander or the Web interface on your controller. SheetCAM will not export directly to your controller.

Post Processor Links 

How to Install

1. Open SheetCam, then go to "Menu -> Options -> Machine"

2. Click on the "Post Processor" tab, and then at the bottom click on "Import Post", select one of the post processor files you have downloaded to your Computer from above. NOTE: you may need to right click and "Save As" to download the files.

3. While still in the "Post Processor" tab, click on "Edit Post". In here you can modify your settings as appropriate: E.g: If using the probing routine version Post Processor, you may need to set your max probing distance and and pull off value. These variables are located at the top of the Post.

4. Save the file and close out of SheetCam. This step is required for the post processor to update SheetCam correctly.

To view our full Post processor collection for various CAM programs, they can be found HERE!

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