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The new TurboCut PRO DLC range of endmills

New Arrival!

The new TurboCut PRO DLC range of endmills.

We've done rigorous testing with our new DLC endmill range, we absolutely love them and think you will too!

These are serious endmills for commercial / industrial use at great prices for the home hobby CNC user too!

Check out the new range here

Want to know more about DLC?

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating is a nano-composite coating that has unique properties of natural diamond such as low friction, high hardness, and high corrosion resistance. These special characteristics make DLC coated tools highly suitable for machining materials that could be difficult to machine with uncoated end mills. Here are a few key things to know about DLC end mills:

Longer Tool Life: The DLC coating significantly improves the endurance of the cutting tool, allowing it to withstand high-speed machining for extended periods. The tool life of a DLC-coated end mill can be several times that of an uncoated tool, depending on the application.

Reduced Friction: DLC coatings exhibit a very low coefficient of friction, which reduces heat generation during cutting. This in turn helps to prolong tool life and improve surface finishes.

High Speed Machining: Because of their heat resistance and durability, DLC-coated end mills are often used in high-speed machining applications.

Non-Ferrous Materials: DLC-coated end mills are particularly effective when machining non-ferrous materials such as aluminum or copper alloys, graphite, composites, and certain types of plastics. They are not typically used for steel or other ferrous materials because the high temperatures generated can degrade the coating.

Improved Surface Finish: Due to their hardness and low friction, DLC-coated end mills can provide better surface finishes, which is beneficial in applications where aesthetic appearance or precise tolerances are important.

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