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Using CUT3D/Aspire to make awesome 3D carvings with your SharpCNC

One of our customers, Mark from Tasmanian Timber Designs has taken their CNC experience to the next level by using CUT3D made by Vectric. The relatively affordable software can turn 3D design files like .STL and other formats into wonderful 3D carvings on timber, plastics and foams. Take a look at the amazing work Mark has done bringing this 320x250x36mm Owl to life on Sassafras hardwood using his 1500x1500mm Belt driven SharpCNC.

Roughing pass taking shape

Roughing pass completed

Finishing pass has completed

Once cut out of the frame ready for finishing

A quick hit with a blow torch and finished in Shellac, this owl sculpture has came out beautifully.

Total time: ~3 hours on the SharpCNC with conservative feeds and speeds.

Well done to Mark and the team at Tasmanian Timber Design. Your client will be thrilled i'm sure!

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