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A sneak peak at our new Nighthawk CNC Controller coming very soon!

Let's take a look at some of the features and specs...


Wifi (AP or station), BT, USB, SD card slot


It can be controlled via our Commander software or it has it's own built in web interface for easily running jobs and setting up.

It's also backwards compatible with GRBL so you can use GRBL control apps from your smartphone or tablet.


4 x 4.5A drivers built in. Can be run either as dual Y axis or independent 4th.

Max: 40VDC input


Limits, probe, plasma torch, laser, spindle control.


1.6mm powder coated folded steel with 60mm air filtered cooling fan. It also has 2 tabs to hold it so it can be mounted in any direction or orientation.

There is an easy membrane switch top cover with start, pause and Estop buttons for manual pressing. (coming soon!)

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