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3D carving 6061 alloy on the Metal Storm CNC - A real Christmas story...

We had some fun testing the capabilities of our Metal Storm CNC.

In this fun project we used some 16mm 6061 grade aluminium to make this beautiful recreation of the "TV Dinner" scene from the best Christmas movie of all time, "Die Hard".

Stay tuned as we prepare to launch the Nighthawk Metal Storm very soon!

Tools used in this video

TurboCut 1F Upcut for Aluminium

Roughing pass #1 - 6mm

Roughing pass #2 - 3.175mm (1/8")

TurboCut 2F Tapered ballnose endmills (HRC55)

Finishing pass #1 - 1mm tip

Finishing pass #2 - 0.5mm tip

Finishing pass #3 - 0.25mm tip

Check out the time lapse video here! 😎

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