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CNC R&D Fridays! - Interfacing MPG pendants to Commander on GRBL?

Hey followers!

In this video we are showcasing some of the external connectivity efforts we have put into CNC3D Commander so that you can use a commercial WHB04B MPG pendant or a Contour Shuttle with your CNC machines! :D

We've done our best to make this an easy process and hope you will enjoy using these features once it is released in the next Commander update.

For those of you who have a GRBL CNC machine, you may want to checkout Commander to get access to these cool new features once launched!

Credits and big props!

A big shout out to Eric Hernes for doing the hard yards with the low level C++ interface between the HID wrapper and making the WHB04B be seen by Commander. Eric is an extremely talented developer who is also the author of the Candle GRBL project. Well done Eric, it's been a pleasure working with you. We couldn't have made this all tie together without your expertise.

Another big shout out to Eddie Mac for his Shuttle.NET integration wrapper. It is because of you we have the shuttle fully mapped and working as expected. Thanks again for working with us on this. :)

You can learn more about CNC3D Commander here:

We currently stock 4 axis WHB04B pendants on our 3D Store here:

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