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Tramming your YouCarve CNC - Greatly improve your carvings

In this video we show you a simple and easy way to tram your spindle or router on your YouCarve CNC.

The purpose of tramming is to ensure your end mills and router bits are as perpendicular as possible to the surface of your spoilboard.

This will mean you have a much cleaner surface finish when dong any pockets or surfacing your actual bed on your CNC.

We have made a simple jig to do this very effectively, it can be made from plywood or some dressed pine. You will also require 2 bolts, one must be 1/4" or 6mm depending on your collet size. Ideally, if you have a 1/4" collet, use a 1/4" bolt.

You may be able to fit a 6mm bolt into the 1/4" collet but this is not ideal. You will also need some nuts and washers to attach your bolts to your timber jig.

Hopefully this will greatly improve your overall finish and results.

Enjoy! :)

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